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We need to speak out against the injustice brought upon the Earth, which sustains all of us and the people whose everyday lives are oppressed by this injustice. This is a huge task, yet I firmly believe that small changes by many people produce big results.

We need to be courageous–to speak out with clarity and direction about the injustice. We need to provide a path that is positive, that directs people towards a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment and one that does not dwell on what people can’t do. Show them what they can do and how this amounts to a life, a community, a place on Earth where injustice, degradation and oppression diminish and where the acts of healing become the force that sustains our lives, our economy, our Earth and our Love.

Pamela Wellner


I’m a serial change agent with a bad assitude and a history of making an impact protecting the Earth and human rights. As Amplify Eco’s Chief Strategist, I help organizations focused on sustainability and economic justice by developing effective programs and communications campaigns.

My experience includes directing cutting-edge sustainability and human rights programs and communications campaigns for organizations such as ClimateWorks Foundation, Health Care Without Harm, Center for Sustainable Energy, California Public Utilities Commission, Greenpeace, Fauna and Flora International, and the Rainforest Action Network.

I love challenging subjects, transforming ideas into action, engaging people on sustainability issues in creative ways, and rolling up my sleeves to deliver projects on time.

The ocean, lakes, and rivers are where I gravitate. I love to swim, outrigger canoe, standup paddleboard, kayak, and sail. On land, you can find me hiking in the forest, hill, or dale.

Clients include:

What I Can Do For You

Good data can get you from points A to B, effective communications will get you to where you want to be. I can help you tell compelling stories to elicit the change you want using data and personal experiences that resonate with your target audience.

Where do you need to go and who do you need to bring with you? Answer that and I can help you define what we can do to achieve your goals. Not sure? Let me help you define your goals, who to bring along, how best to reach them and inspire them to take action.

I can take the lead or partner with you to develop and execute an integrated program or communications initiative.

Key areas that I can help you with include:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

My services include:

  • Program planning and management
  • Policy analysis
  • Communications and marketing:
    • campaign planning and management
    • website development and management
    • internal communications
    • contractor management
    • brand strategy
    • audience segmentation
    • content and message development
    • public relations
    • digital media
    • behavioral change approaches
  • Video production and publicity

My expertise:

  • Clean energy and transportation
  • Climate change
  • Energy efficiency
  • Forest protection
  • Sustainability policy
  • Energy regulation

Featured projects

Website development, content creation, management: Health Care Climate Action

Public Relations: Securing earned media, New York Times: 1. Effort to Reframe Climate Change as a Health Crisis Gains Steam, 2. How Hospitals Fuel Climate Change, 3. More Than 40 Nations Pledge to Cut Emissions From Their Health Industries.

Health Care Without Harm, report launch: Global Road Map for Health Care Decarbonization

Health Care Without Harm launch of Race to Zero health system participation

The Power of Video

Video is an excellent medium for creating compelling stories that can engage and motivate your audience. It’s versatile and used for a variety of communications channels such as events, social media, websites and ads.

It’s an impactful way to convey an issue, whether on location, through conversation, narration or animated graphics. Video storytelling evokes sentiment that can engage your audience and spur the change you desire.

I’m a co-producer at Transit Pictures specializing in videos about sustainability, climate change and solutions. Power for All asked us to create a video during COVID-19 shelter-in-place with original content celebrating Power for All and its partners’ progress to end energy poverty since the organization’s inception five years ago. We guided each participant in how to film themselves and deliver compelling statements that collectively told an inspirational story of accelerating distributed renewable energy.

While working at ClimateWorks, I co-produced several 10+ minutes videos for the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) and Bloomberg Philanthropies that address different aspects of a coal power phase out. Shorter versions were screened at international conferences including the Global Climate Action Summit, COP24 and BloombergNEF NY Summit. The videos brought critical issues to light for governments and businesses contemplating PPCA membership and coal plant retirement as a high impact climate mitigation solution. Below are two of those videos.

Common Sense, Common Ground: This is a story about the TransAlta Coal Plant in Centralia, WA and the intense negotiation between environmentalists, workers, the power plant owner and state lawmakers to find a phase out solution with a softer economic landing for the community. The video illustrates how parties with very different positions came together with determination and open-mindedness to create a fair deal. Their experience serves as a model for retiring thousands of coal plants globally and creating economic diversity in a just way.

Blueprint to Transition: This video provides a look at how the U.K., the birthplace of industrialization, is rapidly phasing out coal power and expanding clean power. The U.K. is expected to be coal power free by 2025 or sooner. Climate change policies provided a level playing field for renewable energy growth and certainty in the market, leading to a boom in offshore wind operations that are no longer buoyed by government subsidies. Energy companies are installing offshore wind turbines and opening factories and maintenance operations that are creating good-paying jobs. Maritime communities such as the Humber are reinvigorated after suffering economically due to a loss of fisheries. The U.K. experience serves as a model for other governments on how to end coal power and advance a thriving low carbon economy.

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